Innovative Indoor Gardening

Indoor Growing Tech - Your New Smart Garden

Grow, savor, repeat. Just insert the pods, add water and our patented Liquid Nutrients and watch your plants flourish. It's that easy.

  • High-Performance Grow Lights
    • 5-color LED full spectrum
    • 36W LED Grow Light
    • 100 lamp beads design
  • Simplified Control Panel Veg Mode/Flower Mode,switch at a will.
  • Automatic Water Circulation System 1.3 gal large water tank circulation system runs every 30 minutes to increase the oxygen in the water, not only efficient and energy-saving, but also super quiet (less than 20 dB).
  • 12 Planting Pods It can can grow up to 12 plants simultaneously.
  • Adjustable Height The height of the indoor gardening system can be adjusted for vegetables and fruits at different growth stages.
  • Water Lever Indicator Equipped with water lever indicator to facilitate the understanding of the amount of water in the water tank.

Why Choose Agrestem?

We make the most environmentally friendly hydroponic light products in the world. They are 100% recyclable, free of harmful chemicals, and shipped from Bellevue.

100% recyclable

All water used for planting is recyclable, and the planting sponge is biodegradable

Youth Grant Program

We are providing free systems to local elementary schools in the Seattle area

Fast, free shipping in the USA

We offer fast, free shipping on all orders

No soil, no waste

Hydroponics means that the plants grow completely without soil

I have been using for a couple months. The plants grew fast within a few weeks. I am still enjoying mounds and mounds of lettuce. Amazing. Highly recommended. Very large and very powerful light.

Jacquelin G