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1. It may have been scratched during transportation, handling, or removal, or alternatively it may have slipped through the strict factory checking procedures.

2. It is recommended to take pictures for confirmation. If it does not affect the use, please negotiate with the customer to receive it.

1. First check the condition of the packaging. Damaged packaging may be the source of dirt on product.

2. If the packaging shows to be in good condition, it may have slipped through the strict factory inspection.

3. It is recommended that you take pictures to verify the problems that the product is presenting with. If the problem does not affect its usability, please negotiate with the customer.


To expand or contract the support rod, it needs a certain amount of force. However, if it turns out to be impossible to expand, spare parts as replacement can be provided to the customer.

1. Please confirm that the interface end of the support rod is in the same direction as the interface of the light board/sink.

2. Please confirm whether the sponge protecting the contacts has been removed.

Insufficient telescopic support force of the support rod, replace the support rod

It is possible to remove the water level observer, as well as watching it submerged in the water tank.
1. Check whether the bottom buoyancy sponge is still there, if not, replace the water level marker.

2. If the buoyancy sponge is still there, please use your finger to check whether it can move. If it cannot move, the float may be stuck. Replace the water level marker.

3. If it can be moved, please insert it back into the water inlet to confirm.

Light Board

1. Please confirm whether the adapter function is normal, if not, please replace the adapter.

2. Please confirm whether the interface is connected properly. If unsure, please replace the adapter to test it. If it cannot be inserted, the machine needs to be replaced.

3. Please confirm whether the upper and lower ends of the support rod are connected. If not, please remove the sponge protecting the contacts.

4. Please confirm whether the indicator light on the control panel is lit. If it is not lit, there is a problem with the machine and the machine needs to be replaced.

5. Please confirm whether there is operation feedback when pressing the button. If there is no feedback, there is a problem with the light board and the light board needs to be replaced.

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