About Us

Hi I'm Troy, the founder of Agrestem. I was pleasantly surprised when I first grew mint leaves in glass jars by plugging them in. Unlike soil gardening, hydroponics requires no soil and is easy to move around. That's why I brought it to school. My classmates and I cared for it like a pet, from watering it to creating sunlight. This has been the case all semester. Now I plan to share this new friend with even more children.

Our Vision

Our mission is to make gardening more accessible, easier, and fun for Children. Hydroponic gardening engages every child to care for the natural world, offers them opportunities to participate in hands-on learning, connect them to fresh and healthy food, and makes it as accessible and sustainable as possible.

Our mission

Agrestem creates opportunities for children to play, learn, and grow through indoor gardening, engaging their natural curiosity and wonder. We want every child to experience the unique transformation that occurs when they spend time caring for a garden.