How it Works

Enjoy fresh all year

Four Step to Grow

From Plant to Plate - Fast, Safe, Convenient.

Indoor hydroponic gardening allows plants to grow 5x faster than soil without any herbicides, pesticides or GMOs - no sun, soil or skill required! Grow fresh herbs, veggies and more on your countertop, and enjoy them at your table in a matter of weeks.


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Insert the plant pods

You'll see sprouts in a few days.

Add water

Add plain tap water to the bowl until it reaches the indicator line.

Eat and repeat

Watch your plants thrive & grow

8 Steps to Install

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

A Self-watering Garden that Anyone can Enjoy.

Grow, Savor, Repeat. Just insert your pre-seeded pods, add water and our patented Liquid Nutrients and watch your plants flourish. It's that easy.

  • High-Performance Grow Lights
    • 5-color LED full spectrum
    • 36W LED Grow Light
    • 100 lamp beads design
  • Simplified Control Panel Veg Mode/Flower Mode,switch at a will.
  • Automatic Water Circulation System 3.8L large water tank circulation system runs every 30 minutes to increase the oxygen in the water, not only efficient and energy-saving, but also super quiet (less than 20 dB).
  • 12 Planting Pods It can can grow up to 12 plants simultaneously.
  • Adjustable Height The height of the indoor gardening system can be adjusted for vegetables and fruits at different growth stages.
  • Water Lever Indicator Equipped with water lever indicator to facilitate the understanding of the amount of water in the water tank.